About me

My name is Alice, I was born in 1986 in a very small town near Pordenone, Italy where I grew up.
27 years later I decided to move to a city I really love, Barcelona, where I currently live.
After graduating in 2009 in Drama, Arts and Music in the University of Bologna, I also got a Diploma in Photography in the School c.f.p Bauer in Milan in 2011.
My parents gave me my first camera when I was 14.
I started photographing callas and female nude, trying to resemble my immortal muse, Tina Modotti, a photographer from Friuli, just like me.
Those were the first hints of what my interests are nowadays: the individual, bodies, memories, everything seen through a different eye, often filtered through something that deforms their common sense.

What started only as a beautiful passion became real in Milan. I understood that it was exactly what I wanted to do.
My first photographic exhibition took place in Milan in 2010, afterwards I showed my works in the north-east of Italy: Venice, Treviso, and then obviously Pordenone, my hometown.
Furthermore, the Bauer school made me discover the world of video art, leading my interests’ horizon into the scope of image, opening the doors to the fascination of the moving image.
When I came back to Pordenone I met Alberto Biasutti, musician and sound designer. This encounter added another piece to the jigsaw of what i would like to represent, and of how i would like to represent it: images, which initially had a space in their stillness, and then a time in the film sequence, started having a voice. Always starting from a photographic glance, my works headed to art installation, involving photography, video, live music and sound design, always taking a special care for the mise-en-scène which is not an adornamental accessory, but an integral part of the message I’m trying to spread.

In the years 2012-13 I produced several videos, some of them had strictly artistic aims, some other had commercial ones, some in stop motion technique, some in a traditional commercial style, always thinking, on one hand, about telling a story, and about the poetry of the image, on the other.

Theatre was another fundamental encounter born from the collaboration with some theatre companies where I worked as stage photographer and videomaker.
In 2012, after attending a video – dance workshop by the english videomakers Gitta Wigro and Lucy Cash, I started working with coreographers such as Marco D’Agostin, Giorgia Nardin and Alice Bariselli. After these experencies, an overwhelming passion for dance was born in me, since dance was the synthesis of my great loves: the body that moves, the body on stage, the study of the body and his movement and the human being.